The company

logoOptimiza was born out of the entrepreneuring talent of a group of professionals coming from the construction and engineering fields, and it’s main goal is to meet the needs of the market in earnest and integrity, the professional way the building sector demands.

Following this principals, it’s founders have created an integrated engineering service intended for any field building or industrial sectors. Optimiza is also highly specialized in providing services oriented to the housing and the real state asset sector.

Optimiza centralizes all of its activities in a technical office from which the different departments are coordinated by professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the following fields:

Technical installations and maintenance.

Fire Protection.

Construcion works and building rehabilitation.

The Engeneering Department, with highly experienced and qualified specialists, offers our clients an advisory service in fields that we consider crucial in any organization:

Efficiency of the installations.

Risk Analysis.

Update status of the installations and equipment.